Book Advertising

Deadline for Advertising Bookings is 1st of each month for the edition delivered during the month.

Please select a size that suits your needs and your budget and decide whether you would like that size ad to be in Colour or B & W.

B & W ads can always be accommodated. Some colour sizes may not always be available on a casual basis but every endeavour will be made to provide the colour space requested.

Email with your request for advertising space and provide any existing copy that you have.

Tax invoices are emailed in the first week of the month and payment is due on receipt of the Tax Invoice.

There is a discount of approximately 5% for 6 months of pre-paid advertisements, and approximately 10% for 12 months of pre-paid advertisements.


Advertising copy can be provided as a Word document; PDF; JPEG, PNG or TIFF image files; or Publisher files.

If you do not have suitable copy we will endeavour to provide you with an ad proof that incorporates the elements that you provide to create an ad for you. Please enquire at the time of submission if there will be a fee for this service.

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